Match Map Result
|42Cdo| v Be Blue ! bg_abbey_bgl Be Blue ! over |42Cdo| (6209 - 1823)
.:ec:. v |47th| Scrim team [YJ] bg_abbey_bgl .:ec:. over |47th| Scrim team [YJ] (2886 - 2424)
-[TRR]- v 42Cdo (T2) bg_abbey_bgl -[TRR]- over 42Cdo (T2) (4470 - 1620)
|Alpina| v |29th| bg_abbey_bgl |Alpina| over |29th| (3259 - 2472)

Be Blue ! over |42Cdo|

.:ec:. over |47th| Scrim team [YJ]

Great Game!!
They had us in round 1 but after the break and are weed be superior to theres we dominated the second round and pulled a win out of asses.
Hope we are as lucky next week!!!
Heil [S.S.] and good game 47th we hada a great time!!!

-[TRR]- over 42Cdo (T2)

GG to the 42CO!

TRR had hard resistance from the 42Cdo the first few min. of the first round until we got our fullcap, everything from then went downhill for the 42Cdo. TRR got 2 fullcaps the first round.

In the second round TRR dominated the road getting fullcap after fullcap. TRR gained around 6-7 fullcaps during second round.

The server had some issues where as people were crashing but we kept it professional and sent people to spec each time that happened.

Very Good Game!

|Alpina| over |29th|

R1> 29th surprised us with 2 early fullcaps in the first 5 minutes, but Alpina responded by using the advantage the british have on this map and hopped on the fullcaptrain, ending up with a 750 point lead.

R2> The second round was purely a matter of holding our lead. 29th were close to fullcapping a number of times, but we managed to block it every time.

Overall 29th played very well, they made especially good use of their shooting skills on this map without cover.