Match Map Result
Title Match |Alpina| v Be Blue ! ctf_river |Alpina| over Be Blue ! (27 - 24)
Title Shot |47th| Scrim team [YJ] v -[TRR]- ctf_river -[TRR]- over |47th| Scrim team [YJ] (54 - 36)
{69th} v |42Cdo| ctf_river |42Cdo| over {69th} (81 - 27)
|29th| v [JaP] ctf_river |29th| over [JaP] (FORFEIT)
.:ec:. v |AP| ctf_river |AP| over .:ec:. (132 - 24)
42Cdo (T2) v |24th RF| ctf_river 42Cdo (T2) over |24th RF| (48 - 9)

|Alpina| over Be Blue !

Good game be blue.
It was definitely a lot of fun playing such good players; it was the most fun we've had in BGU so far.

It was so fun that we Alpina guys went out clubbing to celebrate. And sindricus even hooked up with a girl cause she was so proud of him!
Picture proof:

For more stats of the game:

Dis is for you ana:

We look forward to playing you again.

-[TRR]- over |47th| Scrim team [YJ]

GG to the 47th.

Some info:

TRR dominated the first round while in the second round TRR played 4v5 for around 6-7 min.

|42Cdo| over {69th}

Very good game here are the screenshots of the game.

Thanks for a good clean game 28th :D

screenshots :

Game 1 :

Game 2 :

|29th| over [JaP]

[JaP] left the league and forfeited.

|AP| over .:ec:.

The match was a giant blur to me. I was playing this drinking game that every time I'd kill Big Bird I'd take a drink: needless to say I'm plastered.

42Cdo (T2) over |24th RF|

Good game and good gameplay from both sides. Gameplay predominantly consisted of 42Cdo being in the enemy half of the field and taking the flag every 2 minutes or so.

Although 24th launched numerous attacks on 42Cdo, they lacked the ability to take down the defenders around the flag to the same level of skill as 42Cdo.