Match Map Result
Title Match |Alpina| v -[TRR]- bg_kettlecreek_bgl |Alpina| over -[TRR]- (2360 - 1470)
Title Shot |29th| v |42Cdo| bg_kettlecreek_bgl |42Cdo| over |29th| (2030 - 1970)
42Cdo (T2) v |AP| bg_kettlecreek_bgl |AP| over 42Cdo (T2) (2760 - 1390)
Be Blue ! v |47th| Scrim team [YJ] bg_kettlecreek_bgl Be Blue ! over |47th| Scrim team [YJ] (7250 - 680)

|Alpina| over -[TRR]-


|42Cdo| over |29th|

This was the best game 42Cdo have every played. It was exciting and really close.

29th you and your dam flankers kept stopping us from full capping.

Well played 29th!!

screenshots are Availibe if need proof

|AP| over 42Cdo (T2)

Dude. 42cdo has come a long way, I do have to admit. Cookie is a pretty good officer and did a great job at flipping the flags and being an over-all nuisance (Props to him)

Second round I stopped drinking, however, and when all cocktail sword bimbly on them. End round screenshots are on my steam profile.

Be Blue ! over |47th| Scrim team [YJ]

nice try

but next time use players that are actually on your roster

let the new season begin ~