Match Map Result
42Cdo (T2) v |29th| bg1_snowlake_v4 |29th| over 42Cdo (T2) (2450 - 1470)
|Alpina| v ?beat . bg1_snowlake_v4 |Alpina| over ?beat . (FORFEIT)
|42Cdo| v |AP| bg1_snowlake_v4 |42Cdo| over |AP| (2930 - 1830)
|24th RF| v -[TRR]- bg1_snowlake_v4 -[TRR]- over |24th RF| (3930 - 1420)
.:ec:. v Be Blue ! bg1_snowlake_v4 Be Blue ! over .:ec:. (4310 - 1050)

|29th| over 42Cdo (T2)

Unfortunaly I couldn't attend this game so I can't write much about it, But I hope it was a good game.

|Alpina| over ?beat .

20:03 - * K *: then get your forfeit
20:04 - * K *: bye kid
* K * left chat.

>Shit guys, maybe if CJ showed more respect & didn't contact me at 20:02 we would have considered rescheduling. I feel bad for TS
<:( sad wizard

|42Cdo| over |AP|

Very good game.

Well played AP

-[TRR]- over |24th RF|

Write up:

First half:

Dunno, did not play :(

Second Half:

MPC switched with Dehuman. TRR gained 7 or 8 full caps and dominated the entire round.

Be Blue ! over .:ec:.

GG, best SS player was definatly QwErTy! We dominated the whole match from the beginning even in the 2nd round with a man down. Waiting for next snack ;)