Match Map Result
|AP| v |Alpina| bg_woodland |Alpina| over |AP| (FORFEIT)
Be Blue ! v ?beat . bg_woodland Be Blue ! over ?beat . (4260 - 2680)
.:ec:. v 42Cdo (T2) bg_woodland 42Cdo (T2) over .:ec:. (FORFEIT)
[21stPA] v |47th| Scrim team [YJ] bg_woodland |47th| Scrim team [YJ] over [21stPA] (3210 - 2470)
|24th RF| v |42Cdo| bg_woodland |42Cdo| over |24th RF| (3990 - 2410)
|29th| v -[TRR]- bg_woodland -[TRR]- over |29th| (3195 - 2590)

|Alpina| over |AP|

Match started kinda late, but AP only had 2 members left after a while so we decided to end the match.

Alpina champions of forfeit winning

Be Blue ! over ?beat .

Be Blue ! vs what-once-was-or-almost-was-Be Blue

good game, was fun playing
but next time plz keep the chat empty

42Cdo (T2) over .:ec:.

SS forfeit because they didn't have enough players. Chat log as requested:

17 April 2011
14:30 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: So I've heard you're looking for team 2 leader in the BGU? I'm guessing you want to arrange the match for later
14:36 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: yes
14:37 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: Shall we say 7pm on your server provided it's european?
14:37 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: I have a linebattle at 9, so times are a tad tight
14:37 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: yeah if thats 2pm est
14:37 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: Of course, 2pm EST/7pm GMT it is
14:38 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: we may be able to start a little early if you want
14:39 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: 7pm will be more than early enough
14:39 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: okl
14:39 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: cya then
14:40 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: Yeah, see you then
18:52 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: Password?
18:53 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: i will make it SS42
18:53 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: When can we join?
18:54 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: i need a few go ahead and join any time i will be there shortly
18:56 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: I'm not seeing your euro server currently, it is up right?
18:57 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: yeah its up
18:57 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: tribal changed the name
18:58 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: i got bad news i only got me and 2 others so it looks like you win sorry man we couldn't feild a team i dunno where everyone is
18:58 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: there killin me
18:58 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: Really, you're serious?
18:59 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: yeah unfortunatly
18:59 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: I mean I feel that's wrong for us to win
18:59 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: everyone i asked told me they got plans today sucks for me
18:59 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: no worries
18:59 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: gg
18:59 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: Alright then, well a pleasure messaging you, a lot of leaders are awkward
18:59 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: enter the score where you put in 1 -0 for each round total
19:00 - [?.?.]?BiG BirD?[E.M.: total score will be 2-0\
19:01 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36: I'll message the BGU admins directly, no worries

|47th| Scrim team [YJ] over [21stPA]

A well played match by both sides, with Thundaar dominating with the bayonet both rounds. First round was very close, but a late-round 21st full-cap finally broke the stalemate. Second round proved to be a far different story, with well played Officers on both sides keeping both teams on edge. Crawford and the 21st proved unable to stop the 47th's full-cap after full-cap, and it proved their demise. Three full-caps later, and dominating teamwork won the match for the 47th.

|42Cdo| over |24th RF|

GG 24RF, Abberz was lazy and forced me to submit, for shame.

-[TRR]- over |29th|

Write up:

Round 1:

Very intense round, lots of uncaping of flags by their team, but round 1 ended up with 1 fullcap to TRR while non to them.

Round 2:

This was also a very intense round, but TRR ended up getting 2 fullcaps while they got none.

MPC went to spec the last minutes of the map when they lost their 5th player.