Match Map Result
Title Match ?beat . v Be Blue ! bg_road Be Blue ! over ?beat . (4039 - 2496)
Title Shot |42Cdo| v |47th| Scrim team [YJ] bg_road |47th| Scrim team [YJ] over |42Cdo| (2638 - 2402)
|Alpina| v .:ec:. bg_road |Alpina| over .:ec:. (6490 - 1185)
-[TRR]- v {69th} bg_road -[TRR]- over {69th} (3379 - 2330)
|24th RF| v |29th| bg_road |29th| over |24th RF| (3604 - 1736)
-CB- v 42Cdo (T2) bg_road 42Cdo (T2) over -CB- (FORFEIT)

Be Blue ! over ?beat .

Find it quite humourous that someone with the morale compass of a baby snatcher can question Be Blue's intergrity.

No doubt, an excuse will be made that Be Blue won the match due to 3 of Heartbeat's team dropping simultaneously. This is not the case - Be Blue stopped playing completely as soon as they were alerted to the situation, and ultimately gained 78 points.

As my friend so eloquently puts it, "Dallan: we could've been assholes and fullcapped for those 4 mins, u DO realise that, yes? <- soulpwned"

About the match... Heartbeat started well (they actually finished the first round in the lead - we let them have a full cap due to the above). Second round we decided to play a little and eventually beat them by a substantial margin. Would have been a good game the rest of you HB guys, if a small minorty of you didn't whine a lot.

Can I mention 6k with butterknife? Guess I just did.

21:08 - * K *: 2nd round
21:08 - * K *: I didnt try anymore
21:08 - * K *: lost my spirit

|47th| Scrim team [YJ] over |42Cdo|

Very close game, great fun. Connection problems, brotherly love, and world peace.

|Alpina| over .:ec:.

Good game with the guys from S.S.

Alpina Awards:
Best Tker: Sindre
Best Spectator: Klif
Gold Metal: Sparta

-[TRR]- over {69th}

GG to the 28th.

We let some of our inexperienced players play which gave them some good trining, but it went to hell during the first round, so we switched it up the second round with the best players we had available and won.

GG again to the 28th!

|29th| over |24th RF|

A good game, closer than I expected but was good fun none the less.

42Cdo (T2) over -CB-

CB have apparently disbanded so forfeit for them. Kind of annoying because I wanted a "legit" win for a change.


17:26 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1: Is Code Blue okay for the skirmish at 8pm GMT?
-CB- *Gen.* Slick is now Away.
-CB- *Gen.* Slick is now Online.
17:29 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1: Well if you're not good for the match you can always forfeit
17:29 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: ?
17:29 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1: BGU
17:29 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: i told u last week
17:29 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: we disbanded
17:29 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1: Fine forfeit for you guys then, victory for 42
17:30 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: ur an idiot
17:30 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: i already told u
17:30 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1:
17:30 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1: Should have told the BGU admins then
17:30 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: i honestly dont care
17:30 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1: Neither do I
17:30 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: bg2 is shit
17:30 - -CB- *Gen.* Slick: anyways
17:30 - |42Cdo|Col. joethepro36 1: K, bye

Yes, he mad.