Match Map Result
Title Match Be Blue ! v |47th| Scrim team [YJ] bg_snowlake Be Blue ! over |47th| Scrim team [YJ] (7304 - 1002)
Title Shot |Alpina| v -[TRR]- bg_snowlake |Alpina| over -[TRR]- (4352 - 2224)
|29th| v 42Cdo (T2) bg_snowlake |29th| over 42Cdo (T2) (4380 - 2054)
|42Cdo| v [18thMI] bg_snowlake |42Cdo| over [18thMI] (5412 - 1668)
?beat . v .:ec:. bg_snowlake ?beat . over .:ec:. (5196 - 1468)
{69th} v |24th RF| bg_snowlake |24th RF| over {69th} (3046 - 2910)

Be Blue ! over |47th| Scrim team [YJ]

An utterly boring game.

47th pretty much started to trash talk from the second minute and it was obvious it was going to be a long, long match.
Found this little exert quite amusing though, considering the score.

|47th|Pte.V. Stryk3r117 [YJ]: We destroy EVERY clan we play against.
|47th|Chm.Slenderman[YJ]: Imagine them playing against 24th! lol!
|47th|Pte.V. Stryk3r117 [YJ]: YEAH OMG THAT WOULD BE FUNNY!!

It's definitely wrong to insult another clan when you have only managed to cap your first flag in 40 minutes.

Not sure if they were being intentionally arrogant, but overall, this made the match go a lot slower.

About the match - Be Blue dominated from start to finish, rarely dying after spawning. Melee was top notch and surprisingly so was the shooting.

Looking forward to those Albinas.

1st Round: 3480 - 782
2nd Round: 3824 - 220

|Alpina| over -[TRR]-

Alpina was late. Heinz' girlfriend tried to sabotage our match so we had to use our emergency ringer Tottel. TRR gave us 15 minutes extra time though, which did save us since we were only ready by 8:25. Thanks for that!

The server in 1st round was Finnish-unfriendly causing TRR to fall behind too far to make a comeback in 2nd round.

I hope be blue is ready for us because nobody rivers like Alpina!

|29th| over 42Cdo (T2)

A good fight put up by the 42Cdo, Unfortunately it wasn't enough and they lost.
Suffering a lot of issues with people crashing they still fought on.

Good defence on the hill Joe and Skill.

|42Cdo| over [18thMI]

Very good game, You played really well...This is our last match for 2 weeks because we are restructuring team 1 and 2.

So cya in 2 weeks

?beat . over .:ec:.

was a real clusterfuck trying to get this started with tribal and cj not there, and bird drunk off canada. Eventually we got a server for our war against the lads of SS, and still without leaders we pretty much ran around like chickens in the 1st round for a bit, then collins was like "yo a fullcap train!" and we jumped apon it for the rest of the round. 2nd round we did 6v6 with the addition of a 500ping tribal, and the ss duders putting bodies in the way of our fullcap train to try and slow it down but it raged on. GG star, collins, pulu, corle, tribal, and the ss team. and for a quote from out mascot cj: "This song makes littles girls all wet and easy for the pickings"
^8[exDee]^6Faetter: why am i the one saying "all aboard the fc train"
^8[exDee]^6Faetter: ITS ALWAYS FME
^8[exDee]^6Faetter: MWRAWRASDNANDS
TheiK: lululul
TheiK: maybe "yo look a fc train, hurry i need to go to bes soon!"
^8[exDee]^6Faetter: btw. this song makes old men wet
TheiK: bed


|24th RF| over {69th}

Good game GK, we had to play on our server due to there's being down was a lot of fun very close
they had a few drops and they swapped Irish and another of there players around a few times, they full capped in the second round but we managed to claw it back.
GG guys really good fun.