Match Map Result
Title Match Be Blue ! v |Alpina| ctf_river Be Blue ! over |Alpina| (54 - 45)
Title Shot |29th| v ?beat . ctf_river |29th| over ?beat . (60 - 54)
|24th RF| v -[TRR]- ctf_river -[TRR]- over |24th RF| (51 - 12)
|47th| Scrim team [YJ] v [18thMI] ctf_river |47th| Scrim team [YJ] over [18thMI] (FORFEIT)
.:ec:. v {69th} ctf_river .:ec:. over {69th} (81 - 33)

Be Blue ! over |Alpina|

very good game!

the Blues took a lead in the first round, which ended just in time, as Alpina was making a comeback
2nd round was even more intense, ending in a small lead for Alpina

MVP for most caps, damage and ninja-ing: Bubs

some game achievements:
Best Aimbot With Pistol: Roob
Most Annoying Playstyle: Klif
Most Annoying Teamattacker: QwErTy
Best Jokes About Babies: Analord

|29th| over ?beat .

The first round was a lot of hassle to get going at first, <3beat saying they were ready at first but then said they weren't. After getting things cleared up the round was restarted. The round itself was very even at the beginning and the middle but <3beat got a 2 cap lead at the end.

The second round started out about the same as the first, saying they were ready but weren't, so another restart was issued.

At the very beginning 29th cancelled out the caps, then it went back and forth with who was actually in the lead of the game.
The 29th continued to put pressure on <3beat making a proper retaliation difficult.
At the end CJ, a member of <3beat went mad with whatever reason he felt fit that he commenced to go on the 29th side to teamkill them and steal the flag, preventing capture. With this <3beat managed to get one quick cap but this wasn't enough and the 29th both cancelled out the old 2 point lead of round one to finally won the game with 2 caps.

-[TRR]- over |24th RF|

TRR wins!

Grantel said they had an epic defence and were good at shooting, but their musket powers were not enough to stop the might of TRR!

GG again!

|47th| Scrim team [YJ] over [18thMI]

18th forfeit

.:ec:. over {69th}

SS and the 69th both had extra players at the start time so we played it as a 7 v 7 .
Great match play in both rounds made this a good time for everyone!!