Match Map Result
Title Match -[TRR]- v |Alpina| bg_maricopa -[TRR]- over |Alpina| (5828 - 2650)
Title Shot |42Cdo| v |29th| bg_maricopa |42Cdo| over |29th| (4566 - 3179)
|AP| v 42Cdo (T2) bg_maricopa |AP| over 42Cdo (T2) (5498 - 2884)
{69th} v |CSB| bg_maricopa {69th} over |CSB| (5335 - 1561)
|24th RF| v .:ec:. bg_maricopa |24th RF| over .:ec:. (6335 - 2546)

-[TRR]- over |Alpina|

Alpina died as heroes.

|42Cdo| over |29th|

The match was one sided in the first half (of the first round) for the most part with us (42Cdo) scoring a good 4 or so full caps at various points and holding most of the flags. 29th brought in junkie to replace DC after the initial losses and then fought back far better.

The second half was close and very tense with few full caps from each side but ultimately we beat them.

Very good game.

|AP| over 42Cdo (T2)

it was a very good game, all players did their best, looking forward to the next time we play

{69th} over |CSB|

Overall it was a fun match.
On the second round though half way trough the server crashed. As the difference was already considerable both teams agreed on the scores at the time.


|24th RF| over .:ec:.

GG .:ec:.