Match Map Result
Title Match |47th| Scrim team [YJ] v |AP| bg1_snowlake_v4 |47th| Scrim team [YJ] over |AP| (5120 - 1550)
Title Shot =?=PotSRHS v |Alpina| bg1_snowlake_v4 =?=PotSRHS over |Alpina| (3060 - 1820)
42Cdo (T2) v -[TRR ]- bg1_snowlake_v4 -[TRR ]- over 42Cdo (T2) (4290 - 1110)
|24th RF| v |42Cdo| bg1_snowlake_v4 |42Cdo| over |24th RF| (3080 - 2050)
|29th| v -'76- bg1_snowlake_v4 |29th| over -'76- (3260 - 1760)

|47th| Scrim team [YJ] over |AP|

=?=PotSRHS over |Alpina|

gg, but we expected something different
thanks to the Sahid crew and some former Spanish cheaters

The Somalians started as the Brits and blitzkrieged through the map(DEFINITELY British sided) resulting in a major lead. In the 2nd round they were able to minimize the enemy's advantage and returned to their shitty country with a freshly conquered Alpinian boat.
-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC / =?=/[Campers: also
-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC / =?=/[Campers: bubbles wants u to mention
-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC / =?=/[Campers: that he used
-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC / =?=/[Campers: a knife
-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC / =?=/[Campers: or something

furthermore I predict this game produced loads of player suspensions and Valerio failed to reach his TK quota

-[TRR ]- over 42Cdo (T2)

well played to all taking part.
keep it up 42Cdo T2 and we'll take that offer of a linebattle against you guys.
thanks for playing.


|42Cdo| over |24th RF|

GG overall. We slipped a little towards the last half of the first round and ended losing the first round 300 down.

In the second round we rallied up and fought pretty damn well. We ended up getting a few fullcaps and winning the game slowly.

|29th| over -'76-

-'76- Fighting the power of the wind, ping and and euro enemy team.

While one of |29th|'s players had a fire exercise pulled on him.

Needless to say 76 had the odds against them and still fought a good and fun game.