Match Map Result
Title Match =?=PotSRHS v |42Cdo| bg_road =?=PotSRHS over |42Cdo| (2484 - 642)
Title Shot |Alpina| v |24th RF| bg_road |Alpina| over |24th RF| (4654 - 2170)
{22nd} v |47th| Scrim team [YJ] bg_road {22nd} over |47th| Scrim team [YJ] (3981 - 2185)
-[TRR ]- v |AP| bg_road |AP| over -[TRR ]- (3563 - 1653)
42Cdo (T2) v -'76- bg_road -'76- over 42Cdo (T2) (2 - 0)

=?=PotSRHS over |42Cdo|

We had some problems with the server settings, but 42cdo didn't mind. However, they wanted to end the match after the first round...

So the end has come for PotSRHS. Our fellow Somalians comrades have decided that BGU isn't yet ready for our presence and we're going back to Africa.

Farewell to you all people from all over Europe and even North America. I think the cosy living conditions have softened you. So bear in mind that cruel world is awaiting you outside of your doorstep, even though it's sometimes hard to see. Visit us some day in Somalia, Mogadishu, and we may teach you the few secrets how to survive in the wildnernss (and in bg2).

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

|Alpina| over |24th RF|

A very nice game with the guys in 24th. Ending the season on a good note for us.

Thanks to everyone involved.

{22nd} over |47th| Scrim team [YJ]

according to one of my members max
there was a 47th being racist and rude about max's religion i dont no who and i dont have proof since i wasnt there

|AP| over -[TRR ]-

TRR was kind enough to oblige us in a 4v4 and in the first round things went a bit lopsided with us making two quick caps. After that we had to work for it and things only got tougher in the second round where the only cap that entire round was near the very end before which at most our scores were separated by a mere 150 points. They nearly got a few full caps but we got luck and managed to prevent it. All in all well fought.

-'76- over 42Cdo (T2)

42Cdo (T2) Forfeit.