As of the 20/07/2019.


Matches are 5v5 skirmish games.

The scheduled map for the week must be played.

The standard match times are:
7PM UK time (GMT/BST) on Saturdays for European matches.
9PM Eastern for North American matches.

If both teams agree a match can be played at whenever the teams want as long as the scores are submitted by the deadline.

Both teams have 15 minutes to get 4 of their players to the server or they can be forfeited.

If players do not have the map and they are downloading it from the server they are given an extra 5 minutes, until 20 minutes past the match start time to get in game.

A match comprises of two 20 minute rounds, switching sides after each round. The away team gets to pick which side they want for the first round.

There is a limit of 1 of each class except infantry, which has no limit.

Please keep communications towards your opponents civil. Use of offensive discriminatory language towards an opposing team or player may result in the offending player receiveing a suspension

Scores are to be submitted by winning team via the BGU site before:
12PM Monday UK time (GMT/BST) for European matches.
12PM Monday Eastern for North American matches.

Everyone is required to record demos.

Minimum of four players required to play.

Players must play under the name they are using on the roster. Wearing clans tags is optional.

Sprays are allowed as long as they are not:
1. Pornographic
2. Personal attacks on other players


The bgu config must be used. It automatically sets the right round time.

All server settings not covered by the config must be the BG3 default.

Matches will be played on the home teams server for both rounds. Though if both teams agree they can alternate servers per half or play on a different server.

If players are banned on the server they must be unbanned for the match.

Servers must be located in the same continent as the league.

If it reaches 15 minutes past the match time and the host server does not have the weeks map they can be forfeited.


A ringer is any player that is ineligible to play in the match. For example, not on the roster, suspended, banned or under the 2 week wait rule).

A maximum of one ringer is allowed at the opposing teams discretion.


During a season a player must wait 2 weeks after being removed from a roster to be eligible to play for another team. However between the last match of a season and the first match of the next season players can move team without this penalty.

There are to be no fewer than 6 players on a roster and no more than 16. If you have too many, remove inactive players or make new teams to break up the roster.

A player can be known by what name he wants to be known by on the roster. But once his name is entered on the roster, he must show up to the match using that name.

Rosters can be edited at any time but the roster for the upcoming match is locked at:
12:01AM UK time (GMT/BST) on the Tuesday before the match for the European league.

After the roster is locked the team is permitted a single emergency addition up to 3 hours before match start time


Cheating in the BGU is a bannable offence and will result in the match in question being a forfeit.

Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
Wall hacking
Using any external program to modify the game in a way its not intended to be played

Exploits will be treated less severely than cheating with suspensions, but the match in question will be forefeited by the exploiting team.

In general an exploit is using aspects of the game not intended to be used. For example:
Door Blocking
Wall climbing
Quick scoping


Two categories, those affecting the outcome of the game directly, and those collateral to the outcome:

1. Violations Directly Impacting the Outcome Itself: can result in a forfeit of the match and individual discipline like suspensions or bans. An example of this is playing a banned player.

2. Violations Collateral to the Outcome: spraying, use of MM1 etc will result in discipline for the offenders and possibly the leader/rep if he encourages or refuses to attempt to stop the conduct. But will generally not result in a forfeit because the match score is not impacted.


Bans resulting from conduct outside BG are outside the jurisdiction of the BGU system. Cheating IN BG is within BGU's jurisdiction and will result in a ban when backed up by solid evidence.


Seasons in the BGU have no fixed length. The season runs until a team wins 5 title matches and becomes the season champion.

The first 3 weeks there will be no title shots or title matches, theses games will be used to seed teams.

The first 3 matches will be randomly generated but exclude a teams previous 3 opponents.

After the first 3 weeks the teams will be ordered based on based on streak and win % (with score margin % as a tie breaker) and the top two clans will play for the title and the 3rd and 4th will play the title shot match. The remaining teams will play their closest ranked team.

If you need a bye please let the admin know as soon as possible.