Match Map Result
.:ec:. v |29th| bg_abbey_bgl |29th| over .:ec:. (FORFEIT)
42Cdo (T2) v 14thENG bg_abbey_bgl 42Cdo (T2) over 14thENG (FORFEIT)
{69th} v |42Cdo| bg_abbey_bgl |42Cdo| over {69th} (2807 - 2434)
|Alpina| v - BkkBff - bg_abbey_bgl |Alpina| over - BkkBff - (2665 - 498)
-[TRR]- v |24th RF| bg_abbey_bgl -[TRR]- over |24th RF| (4912 - 1673)

|29th| over .:ec:.

Not much to say, Forfeit win.

42Cdo (T2) over 14thENG

14th forfeit.

|42Cdo| over {69th}

First round was intense and extremely close. Both sides got 2 full caps.

Second round was for the first half or so, a walkover for 42Cdo as we got the equivalent of 2 full caps in points advantage but then got stuck into stalemate.

Ok, so 69th are now a real clan, congrats. :P


|Alpina| over - BkkBff -

Son I am Disappoint!

Congressional Medal of Endurance: Klif, Sindre, Barbi, Machi and roob.

Certificate for exemplary clan organisation: Swarth.

-[TRR]- over |24th RF|

GG 24th!!


TRR dominated the first round with fullcap after fullcap.

During the second round analord had to eat some Bratwurst so MPC had to take over. Because of this mistake TRR still won the round but with not so many points as the first round :(