NA Season 2 Champions - by danihel - 13/01/2020

Congratulations to Angry Players |AP| For winning the NA BG United Season 2 Championship.

Thank you to all the teams who participated and made the league possible, and we will hopefully see you all again for Season 3.

NA Season 1 Champions - by danihel - 11/11/2019

Congratulations to AP for winning season 1 of NA BGU. A big thank you to all of the teams who participated to help establish the league. Season 2 will be underway and we are looking forward to seeing how the competition shakes out.

Euro: First matches complete and config update - by roob - 05/08/2019

The first European BG3 matches have been completed and I'd like to thank everyone for taking part and not having any forfeits.

There are still two more weeks of seeding matches left before the race to get five titles and become season champions begins.

There is an updated version of the config available for the next matches, which enables displaying enemy names As it was brought to my attention it was disabled in error after being agreed upon in the pre-season meeting.

Please ensure you have it on your server in time for Saturday (or when your next match takes place.

The roster lock will be active for this weeks matches. You can still add players to your roster throughout the week, they will just not appear on your locked roster. However if you do remove a player they will be removed from your locked roster.

First weeks matche for the European BG3 League - by roob - 30/07/2019

The fixtures for the first week of matches has been posted and can be seen here. The map for the week is bg_trenton. You will need the BGU config on your server which can downloaded from the files page on this site.

As discussed in the meeting a few weeks ago the roster lock restrictions will be loosened for the first weeks match with players needing to be registered on the roster by 4PM BST on the Saturday (or before the match takes place if it's scheduled earlier between the two teams).

BG3 and the return of the European League - by roob - 25/07/2019

I'm happy to announce that the BGU is returning with a European league for BG3.

The first matches for the league will be on Saturday 3rd August, the league will be in the classic BGU format of three weeks of seeding matches then battling it out to become the first team to win five titles and become season champions.

Any teams wishing to join will need to signup before Tuesday 30th July to be scheduled for the first weeks matches. To register please follow the "Apply To Join" link in the menu and select the European League (not the BG2 one). You will need to be field five players at the given match time every week and having a server is highly recommended.

The rules are mostly the same as for BG2 but there are a few changes, the most important being that matches are now at 7PM GMT/BST on Saturdays. The full rule set can be found using the menu on the left.

Also to note is that with BG3 servers returning the new Steam 3 ID format from a status command that is the format players will be registered under. To find out the ID please take a look at

If there is enough interest in a North American league then I will be happy to start it up but will need someone to admin the league as I cannot be online at the time the matches will take place.

The BGU now has a discord to discuss things which you can access via the invite here:

Season 3 Champions - by roob - 09/10/2011

Season 3 is over and the champions are Pirates of the Somalian Red Hat Society. Congratulations.

In other news BG2 2.1 has been released and owing to this we will be taking a break from the BGU while teams get used to the latest version.

Notice - by roob - 27/09/2011

Could all teams who are yet to submit their scores please do so.

If =?=PotSRHS win their title match this Sunday then the third season on the European League will be over. After this there will be a break before the next season while the Nations Cup is played.

I would like to remind everyone that match writeups are not a platform to flame other teams or players.

New suspension - by roob - 17/08/2011

-pH- have submitted evidence of trash talking in their last match against -[TRR]-.

Screenshots here:

The offending player analord (STEAM_0:0:16651324) will be suspended for this weekends match (21/8/11).

Persistent rule breaking will be met with increased punishments.