Daylight Savings and a change to season structure - by roob - 23/03/2011

Don't forget that the clocks go forward early this Sunday(27th) morning and matches will be played at 7PM GMT+1: info.

As it currently stands this weekend would be the last week of the 1st BGU EU season. With Alpina already being guaranteed champions.

I have decided to change the way seasons work. Instead of a fixed length season, seasons will now have varying lengths. Only ending when one team has 5 title wins. I believe this will make the league more competitive and remove the possibility of matches at the end of fixed seasons which have no bearing on the season outcome.

If anyone has any issue with this, or suggestions, then please post in this thread on the forums.

ctf_river - by roob - 20/03/2011

Today's map is ctf_river and with its scoring system the chance of a draw is increased from normal skirmish maps.

In the case of a draw over both rounds an additional 10 minute round will be played, with each team playing as the nation they chose for the first round.

Also [JaP] have left the league. Seeing as they left the league after their match against |29th| had been scheduled |29th| will be given a forfeit win.

bg_horseshoe_bgl vote - by roob - 01/03/2011

A vote has been called on changes or removal of the map bg_horseshoe_bgl.

The discussion thread is here. Each team needs a representative to vote here.

In other news there is interest in starting up the North American League. So if any new teams want to join please apply and old teams please contact me to re-activate your team.

Recent Issues - by roob - 22/02/2011

I would like to remind every clan to please arrange matches as early as possible if you cannot play at the default time.

In one of last weekends matches there was an incident where one team only had 4 players and told their opponent they had to sit 1 out or they would forfeit. This is NOT the case. I have reviewed the demo and this watch not a outcome altering incident as it was for 3 minutes and the score deficit was very substantial.

On a brighter note this week is the first week of ladder matches and we will see the first BGU European Weekly Title Winner. 47th have been randomly picked for a bye due to the uneven number of teams.

We are still looking for new European teams, if you wish to apply for your clan just follow the link at the bottom of the menu on the left.

Week 1 Recap - by roob - 06/02/2011

Week one of the European League went well with no forfeits occurring.

Some more good news is that we have 2 new teams for next week, [S.S.] have re-activated their European team, .:ec:. and |42Cdo| are entering their second team.

Just to clarify, the scores are based on capture points. I see a few teams are without roster or have incomplete ones. I have made a "howto" on the forums which can be found here.

A reminder & Map rotation - by roob - 06/02/2011

Just a quick reminder that rosters need to be added on the site. As per the rules a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 players. Rosters are not required for the teams first match (today).

Here is the map rotation we will be using:

European League is active - by roob - 28/01/2011

With Be Blue ! joining the league we now have enough teams to start the European League. The first matches will be played on Sunday the 6th of February and have been randomly generated. You can view the schedule here: Schedule.

Europe: Nearly there - by roob - 19/01/2011

Two weeks on and we have 4 European teams signed up and another 3 on the horizon. Once we get to six we can start the league.

I understand the majority of teams are primarily from the linebattle community and it is great that you are also branching out to skirmish play.

I advise you have practice matches on the skirmish maps played in this league to get a feel for them and work out strategies. Also if you don't have all the custom maps you can obtain them from the files section.