Looking for clans - by roob - 04/01/2011

The BGU site has been updated to add support for multiple leagues.

We are now looking for both European and North American teams to start up the respective divisions. Six teams will be needed in each division. This time round there will a limit of one team per clan to start with to give the divisions a solid base. Entrance of additional teams will be allowed once the division has been running for a while.

NA matches will be a 9PM Eastern as usual and European matches at 7PM GMT.

Please only apply if you are serious about the league and can get five of your guys showing every Sunday. The application form can be reached via the menu bar on the left.

Please post any suggestions or questions on the forums.

Division Suspended - by roob - 19/11/2010

The 3 |AP| teams have been removed from the league after not submitting scores after being asked to multiple times.

This leaves 3 active teams which is not enough to keep the division alive.

I am looking to start a 2v2 league in its place for NA so stay tuned.

On a brighter note I believe there is significant interest in starting up an EU division and this will be set in motion in the near future.

Season 3 Week 2 - by roob - 11/11/2010

The results are up from last weeks matches and this weekends schedule is up.

In future scores should be submitted by 12PM Eastern on Monday. If you have forgotten your username/pass please PM "new roob" on the forums or catch me on steam.

Matches Cancelled - by roob - 29/10/2010

This weekends matches have been cancelled due to the fact 4 of the 6 teams have informed me they can't field a side due to Halloween.

The original schedule will played next week on bg_road.

Halloween - by roob - 26/10/2010

This Sunday is Halloween. I'm not sure how many of the players are doing something for it so matches will still be on unless I hear anything from the leaders.

Greetings - by roob - 20/10/2010

Firstly I would like to congratulate Nathan Hale for the terrific job he did for seasons 1 & 2.

A few things you may or may not know already:
The undefeated -Bro Clan- is back in action while 69th has been put inactive.

Finally I wish all the teams good luck in the forthcoming season and hope the league can attract some new blood.

This Sundays schedule is up and if anyone has any issues or questions please feel free to post them on the forums.

OBCD Wins Season 2 - by Nathan Hale - 20/10/2010

With a win this last Sunday, OBCD swept the Season Championship for BGU Season 2.

Season 3 will begin on 10/24/10.

Roob will be the new admin.

I'll still be around the game-- working mainly on development of the next version with the rest of the Dev Team.

All hail Roob.


News 10/03/10 - by Nathan Hale - 04/10/2010

A few items in the news:

-The Council has chosen the next BGU Admin: New Roob. Roob already has extensive experience working on the BGU site and has acted as an assistant to me for both of the first seasons. The transition should be solid and I have every confidence that Roob will be a good Admin.

BR: Roob yes
BFK: Roob yes
OWN: Roob yes
SS: Roob yes
MP: Indifferent
OBCD: Roob yes
69th: Absent

The Council has elected to keep voting by teams, but has added a rule where if one clan uses its sub teams to try to subvert the league on its own, any votes in furtherance of that scheme will be null.

Other changes:

Regular Business (map cycle etc): 51% majority of teams needed to win.

Player Bannings, unbannings, major changes to league structure: 66% needed still

MP has gone inactive, leaving the league with 6 active teams.

OBCD won its second weekly title, putting it in the lead for Season 2. A win in the Title Match on 10/17 would give them 3 Titles, giving them a sweep of Season 2 and bringing Season 2 to an end (it would be mathematically impossible to catch them as only two weeks remain after 10/17).

NO MATCHES on 10/10: it is a 3-day weekend due to Columbus Day on 10/11.